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The Benefits of Having a Walk-in Wardrobe in Your Master Bedroom

Creating stylish wardrobe spaces

30 June 2020

At Elderton Homes, we just love walk-in wardrobes, which is why all of our master bedrooms have one incorporated into each design. However aside from the added benefit of being able to see all your shoes and clothing organised, there are many other values of having a walk-in wardrobe which you may not be aware of.


Even in a small bedroom design, built-in wardrobes are no longer an afterthought, but an integrated part of the planning that reflects your personal needs and style. More than that, a well-designed wardrobe provides optimum use of the available space and a functionality that will help bring order to your life.


Here are some other benefits to think about.


Functionality & Organisation

The most obvious reason to consider choosing a walk-in wardrobe is the functionality and practicality they bring to your lifestyle. When you have the benefits of a walk-in, more often than not you’ll also have the opportunity to incorporate luxurious extras like dressing- and laundry-sorting areas. Furthermore, they can also save you time. Everyone knows the feeling of spending ten minutes searching the house for a missing shoe or pulling everything out of a packed wardrobe looking for that pair of gloves you haven’t used since last winter. With walk-in wardrobes, you’ll almost always know where everything is.


Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Did you know that on average people spend 11-30 minutes getting dressed in the morning? A walk in wardrobe can help reduce this time significantly as it can also double as a dressing room. You might consider making use of the space with a glamorous dressing or hair and makeup area complete with full-length mirrors and ambient lighting. Having everything in one place can save you from the stress of that morning rush around the house to get ready!


Additional Privacy

Having a walk-in closet can give you that added privacy you need to get dressed or have some personal time. We certainly sympathise with parents whose kids don’t seem to understand the concept of personal space or even five minutes of space for that matter, so having a private spot to get ready by yourself (or at least try to), will allow you a temporary moment of peace. Furthermore, if you have a door to your walk-in, by adding a lock you’ve got an area that is both private and secure - the perfect place for storing expensive clothes and jewellery or hiding Santa’s Christmas presents from inquisitive children. You could even go one step further and install a safe or lock box for those extra special items.


Extra Storage Space

The storage areas in walk-in robes make it easy to organise all your belongings, even the things that are notoriously difficult to store. Ties, belts, watches, shoes, socks and hats can all have their own individual compartments. You could even add comfortable bench seating that doubles as extra storage for those woolly winter items or as a spot for linens.


Add Value To Your Property

If you’re planning to put your house on the market at some stage in the future, it’s important to remember that small investments now can lead to large rewards in the future. At inspection time, a beautiful walk-in wardrobe might just make all the difference for getting top priced offers over other houses for sale in the area.

When conducting your colour appointment at Elderton Homes, there are many different options your assigned colour consultant can walk you through to cater to requirements when designing your walk-in robe. Furthermore, there is a large range of robe option inserts we can talk you through, from drawers and open shelves, to shoe or bag compartments. A range of other optional selections to personalise this space further such as material finishes, colours, joinery and door options eg. mirror sliding doors, are also available to help you further create your ideal look.